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Corners of Italy

Updated: May 9, 2019

A new project is brewing. My husband and I have purchased a home in Sambuca di Sicilia. We're scheduled to become the legal owners this spring when we'll begin a full-on restoration project. Our new-old home sits steps away from the Chiesa Madre (Mother Church) in the Saraceno Quarter of the "Borgo Più Bello d'Italia 2016". Founded by the Arabs around the year 840, that makes my new neighborhood almost 1200 years old!

Readers have asked if I'd share updates and photos as we get started, and as the project proceeds. I'd love to! We estimate the renovation will take us into 2020. Fortunately we've done this before in Veneto. So here we go again. This time in Sicily!

The Saraceno Quarter - Sambuca di Sicilia

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