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I've decided to stick around

My last email was to be "my last email", and the closing of my website. Then made me an offer to keep it going which I won't refuse. I hope continuing to be in contact this way brings you pleasure too. Please stay in touch and accompany me as I move further into the

Sommelier world. I've completed the AssoSommelier first course and will attend the 2nd & 3rd courses beginning this January, ending with a formal exam in November/December 2023.

Yikes! I can't remember the last time I took an exam. And, I'm always writing. I've recently begun a straight forward memoire. The Covid stall has brought an avalanche of eye-opening personal awareness to many of us. I digest such matters through writing. It'll take the time necessary. But this one is important for me to write too. And, soon Roberto and I are headed to Sicily, and the post-Covid (re)kick-start of the restoration of our home in Sambuca di Sicilia. Over the next (probably many) months there will be lots to do and share with you there too! I hope reading about these moments brings you half the pleasure it brings to me when I write about them, and that you will continue to reach out to me through comments and messages in return.

I sincerely love to receive and read your thoughts! In the meantime, thank you for staying, responding, and sharing.

A presto, Marie

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Anthony Auerbach
Anthony Auerbach
Dec 10, 2022

Best of luck on your sommelier world. I know a few who have done it and it is without question not easy but very rewarding. I have a reasonable collection of fine wine and Italian is among my favorite. Good luck Marie and stay safe.


Oct 25, 2022

LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair! Quanto sei bella!

Marie Ohanesian Nardin
Marie Ohanesian Nardin
Oct 26, 2022
Replying to

Thank you, Maria!

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