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Our Sambuca di Sicilia Home Restoration Has Begun!

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Last I wrote my husband and I had just decided to purchase a home in need of restoration in Sambuca di Sicilia. Drawn there by the city’s "Case per €1" promotion, we fell fast in love with the town, and its people, and settled on purchasing a home in the historic Quartiere Saraceno from a private owner, bypassing those on the €1 list. In May, we traveled back to Sambuca, closed the deal, and got the keys. TODAY our architect sent us these photos, announcing that the restoration work has officially begun! Thrilled, and as promised, I want to share them with all of you.

Note the center photo. Those are handmade terracotta roof tiles, and will be cleaned up and used again! Keeping with the historical Sambucese style, materials and tradition.

We'll be traveling to Sambuca di Sicilia soon. It's still early, but we'll be shopping around for tiles, fittings, getting ideas for the kitchen and such...rigorously Sicilian/Sambucese artisan work. So there certainly will be more photos to come!

Super excited!

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