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You supported Venice - Thank you!

I asked, and you stepped forward.

133 paperback copies of "Beneath the Lion's Wings" were purchased between November 17, 2019 and December 26, 2019 from supporters of Venice in the U.S.A., Italy, the U.K. and Germany!

This means that €361,07 (100% of royalties earned on these books) plus my promised personal out-of-pocket donation of €200 for a total of €561,07 was raised in the campaign to benefit those Venetian hardest hit by last November's exceptional high tides. This donation will go to the grassroots group, Duri I Banchi organized by and BeLoveRevolution. 100% of their funds will and are going to those Venetians. They have already begun to purchase and deliver home appliances to those in need. Have a look at Duri I Banchi to see what they're doing, and read the lists of donations showing each amount received, confirming that every little sum helps.

Our €561,07 donation will be sent by bank transfer by the end of this month. As their records show today, when our sum is added it will bump the amount received by Duri I Banchi to date to over €12.000! Well done.

Thank you! Grazie! Danke! - Marie

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