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FORBES & I agree about Sicily!

My thoughts are never far from Sambuca di Sicilia, or our home restoration there, so I understand why FORBES has listed Sicily at No. 2 on their

"The 20 Best Places to Visit in 2020" list.

As we near the holidays, my thoughts also turn to family and friends coming together and how grateful, thankful, I am for them, and for the year gone by. Last November, I had no idea that we were headed toward this Sicilian adventure. Yet here we are, creating a cozy get-away in Sicily, looking forward to sharing it with friends and family in the coming years.

As listed by FORBES, Palermo is a must see. An hour and 15 minutes from Sambuca di Sicilia, it's on the itinerary for our next trip. Sometime this winter or early spring 2020, we'll return to Sambuca di Sicilia, see the restoration progress, and also spend a few days browsing Palermo, and its markets. Fingers crossed I'll find the perfect recuperated/vintage ceramic tiles to satisfy the vision I have for the two flights of narrow, irregular stairs in our home.

As I ponder that, please scroll down to the photos I took of the surrounding towns of #Sciacca and #CastellammareDelGolfo, the #SanMarcoSciacca beach where we spent two relaxing days, the #PlanetaMenfi resort pool, #SambucaDiSicilia vineyards, and the breathtaking ruins of the ancient Greek city of #Selinunte. Each within 20-60 minutes by car from #SambucaDiSicilia. Further down the page you'll find the #ForbesTravel article link, too.

In a future post I'll share the names of the hotels and Bed&Breakfast locations we've stayed in, and some remarkable restaurants, bars, pastry shops and trattorias, too. A presto!

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