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Stuff-New Zealand asked about €1 homes in Italy

'A life changer': Why Italy's $2 homes aren't always too good to be true

STUFF journalist Lorna Thornber writes:

...Marie Ohanesian Nardin, who was born in Los Angeles and moved to the Venetian countryside in 1987, was cynical when she first read about one-euro homes on offer in Sambuca in January 2019.   

"I brushed the campaign off as just another Italian town trying to rid themselves of very old homes. Knowing other towns had unsuccessfully tried to do the same in the past, I wasn't interested," she says. 

When international media covered the auction and articles on it kept popping up on her social media feeds, however, she and her husband, a Venetian gondolier, arranged a trip to Sicily to take a closer look. 

After a few days in Sambuca, the couple knew they wanted to buy there, but gravitated more toward privately owned homes in the Saraceno quarter, which Nardin says is even more charming than the historic centre...more here.

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